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Invaders attack earth. Captain Matthews may have found what leads to ending the war but is he in for more than he bargained for?  -


Written, produced and co-directed by Marc Gardner and directed by Dennis Glasco, this hit sci-fi production “The Within” Project, soon to be web series, is a show about the hidden secrets within. Within what? There's more to this than you know. We will cover Captain Matthews' discovery of his new found abilities, the humans and aliens, the government conspiracies and the history behind where the aliens came from and why they are here.


The show started as an idea Marc had while playing around with his iPhone apps and playing with his kids. It later took on more story ideas and development  from Marc's vast fandom of sci-fi, mystery, drama and action stories mixed with some historical legends. "When writing The Within I wanted to create something entertaining that could include all of my family, even my disabled son Alec." ~ Marc Gardner


Together with some great talent in the area, they all had a wonderful time making the first short film. Dennis Glasco did a great job helping the cast and crew create the right feel needed for the flow of the film. They enjoyed creating a fight scene that was believable for a teen to dominate a grown man. The visual effects and locations were fun to put together and it showed that it's possible for people to create a quality piece of work with such little resources and no budget.


We hope to be able to share this film and story with as many people as we can. We want to give back to the community and give the struggling artists in the area opportunities by furthering the story with a web series and create awareness that anyone, disabled or not, can contribute to a worthwhile and quality project. Please show your support by sharing our website and or donating to the show. Thanks for reading.

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